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Welcome to the Communication Corner.  For the last ten years, I’ve  worked exclusively with children.  It’s been a humbling and emotional experience, to say the least.

Odd as it sounds, I still have to remind myself of the big picture. I guess that’s why I chose this photo-hand gently touching hand.

I think it’s easy for a speech-language pathologist to get so caught up in writing and carrying out complex therapy goals that we forget our job’s true mission-to help build connections and bonds.  Words, yes, but  also loving eye gazes, signs, gestures and gentle touches.

I hope this blog will give you- parents, caregivers, educators, fellow therapists-what you need in order to help the children you love and work with.  The articles will include information on a variety of topics, and actionable steps and ideas you can use as soon as you turn off your computer.

Please feel free to comment.  Suggestions for posts are most welcome. And thank you for stopping here.



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